Deep Forest Log Furniture        bringing the outdoors....inside​ , since 1999                                                                                                                                                                      1-250-937-7869

Simply the best log furniture in alberta and bc, canada.

***​Located on vancouver island,bc

              **OWNED BY dAVE sERPA




Deep Forest takes great pride in crafting quality and uniqueness into each piece of functional art, making sure every detail has as much character as possible.  All of Deep Forest' builds are made to last several life times with heirloom quality.  

They are very proud of their customer relations and follow thru, offering a build to your measurements policy,where they literally craft each detail to your needs for your specific choose the colors and measurements.

Step out of the ordinary..............and into the Deep Forest.


Deep Forest log furnishings is a locally based and family operated business that has been crafting and delivering truly one of a kind works of functional art all over Canada now for over 15 yrs.

Welcome to the Deep Forest.......