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Simply the best log furniture in alberta and bc, canada.

***​Located in qualicum beach,vancouver island,bc


These beds seen above , is our second bunk bed design, they were done in a rustic rough sawn pattern and patina that made them a grey tone,another design option by Deep Forest

also the ladder end is left open at the top.

Deep Forest bunk beds are truly one of a kind, all real wood and super strong, these beds are great space savers for any room where you want to sleep as many people as possible, email Deep Forest for more details.



TWIN/TWIN: $2025              DOUBLE/DOUBLE: $2175 

DOUBLE/QUEEN: $2275       QUEEN/QUEEN: $2375

We craft beautiful Timber bunk beds that look great in any home.  All mortise and tenon joinery,very strong and a great use of space.  Our furniture is made completely from locally harvested old growth red cedar.

You can save $250 by ordering this bed with no lacquer, this can be delivered to you for you to finish yourself, or leave it natural.