Deep Forest Log Furniture        bringing the outdoors....inside‚Äč , since 1999                                                                                                                                                                                       1-250-937-7869

Simply the best log furniture in alberta and bc, canada.

***‚ÄčLocated on vancouver island,bc

              **OWNED BY dAVE sERPA SINCE 2018




$425   each

4-5 feet long by 18" high by 16" wide

Simple slab bench that goes anywhere.

Can be finished fro indoor or outdoor usage



$625   each

Our tree chairs are crafted from the bottoms of red cedar trees,usually displaying some flaring and fluting, and have an angled back and seat for added comfort.

These chairs are truly one of a kind and wont be found anywhere else but in the Deep Forest.  The tree chair can be finished for outdoor or indoor usage.