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Simply the best log furniture in alberta and bc, canada.

***‚ÄčLocated on vancouver island,bc

              **OWNED BY dAVE sERPA SINCE 2018




Do you have an old piece of character wood sitting around you would like turned into a piece of functional art?

Do you have a design idea that is truly unique?

 Deep Forest takes pride in offering a personalized custom build for everyone, we will work with your very own design ideas,where it be a drawing,a picture from a magazine or a picture of your friends house, or some wood you have had sitting around you would like crafted into something beautiful.

*And if we cant do your  exact design, we will offer you options that are very close to it 

Call or email us anytime to find out how we can help you with your one of a kind project:


Qualicum beach,BC,Vancouver island.