Deep Forest Log Furniture        bringing the outdoors....inside​ , since 1999                                                                                                                                                                                       1-250-937-7869

Simply the best log furniture in alberta and bc, canada.

***​Located on vancouver island,bc

              **OWNED BY dAVE sERPA SINCE 2018



Shipping and deliveries:

Deep Forest can ship or deliver your order to all of Canada.

The order will come to you in a bullet proof crate on a pallet.

All of our products are very easy to set up.

**All orders require our standard deposit to confirm and start the order,once it is complete,the balance owing is due.After the project details have been agreed upon by both parties and the deposit has been placed to confirm the order, after this time Deep Forest considers the order to be finalized and the order cannot be cancelled or refunded.

You will be provided an approximate delivery date,

however,Due to shippers schedules,and some destinations that are outside city limits,some deliveries may take a little longer than originally forecasted.  Orders that are late DO NOT get refunded. In some cases the extent of character requested in a specific project, may impact the initial agreed upon timing, Deep Forest reserves the right to re schedule deliveries due to this and the availability of the client to receive the delivery.

**Once your orders deposit has been paid and your order is finished being built, All out of town orders must have the balance paid in full before the order goes to crating and shipping.  You will be provided pictures of your completed furniture upon request.  After the order is paid in full, it takes approx. 5-10 business days for the shippers to get it to you.


*All products come with a limited warranty for 2 years.

All items the client is putting forth for warranty approval,are to be shipped back to Deep Forest at the clients expense. The item will be assessed for mis use/handling and possible wood defects and moisture levels.

once it is clear that the defect was a manufactures error or unstable wood, Deep Forest will gladly repair the item and send it back to the client asap at Deep Forest cost(to be clear Deep Forest will cover the cost of sending the repaired item back to the client, if the item is deemed mis used or damaged by the client, then the item will incur a shop repair expense and be sent back to the client at the clients expense)

to better protect your furniture once in your home it is advised to keep the relative humidity in your home between 30-50%

 *** Email us anytime for a copy of Deep Forest' Warranty and policies 

How to Order                      **Fill out the contact form below

Deep Forest can be reached by email or phone and are here to personally answer any of your questions you may have about an order inquiry, they list all of their designs and prices for all to view before contacting them.  

You can choose one of our designs or integrate some of your own ideas, we work with you,even if its a drawing or picture from a magazine.

Try to have as much of the details and measurements ready for when you are placing your your mattress sizes,or table widths and heights etc.....




 Dave Serpa, Owner



 Vancouver Island,BC


Our standard 75% deposit is required for all orders to be confirmed and started, then the remaining balance is due upon completion of the project just prior to delivery or shipping out.  Most Orders take approx. 6-8  weeks to complete.(unless we are in our busy season or your order is a more involved design)