Deep Forest Log Furniture        bringing the outdoors....inside‚Äč , since 1999                                                                                                                                                                                       1-250-937-7869

Simply the best log furniture in alberta and bc, canada.

***‚ÄčLocated on vancouver island,bc

              **OWNED BY dAVE sERPA SINCE 2018



Welcome to the Deep Forest,where we are crafting rustic log furniture with modern elegance.  

Deep Forest has been building these works of functional art for over 15 yr's now and their furniture has been delivered all over the world.  

Deep Forest log furniture is a family operated business located just outside of the Qualicum beach region on Vancouver island,BC.  Here on the island we have a seemingly endless supply of beautiful western red cedar that is full of flaring,fluting,colors and lots of character.

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